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Biofood meetings

We offer you a program that accurately responds to the challenges of the bio-food sector of today and tomorrow!
Whether you are a small, medium or large business, you will certainly find something to fuel your company's growth.

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Training course

Our Growth Pathway programs for food processors offer in-depth business management skills to ensure the growth and sustainability of your business.

What makes our Pathways different? Customization is the major element of these courses and the quality of our trainers. They are experts in our industry: buyers from chains and institutions, nutritionists, food production specialists, etc.

The program is spread out over 9 months at a rate of approximately one meeting every 3 weeks in collaboration with the École des Entrepreneurs du Québec (ÉEQ). It includes training, individual coaching, co-development sessions and networking activities.

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Conferences / Webinars

We host conferences and webinars for food and beverage professionals looking to stay current on the latest trends, technologies and regulations. Our events are led by industry experts who share their knowledge and experience with attendees. We cover a variety of topics, including food production, innovation, marketing, and distribution.

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Our clinics are a unique opportunity for bio-food professionals to work directly with an industry expert. First, we offer a presentation session, followed by one-on-one consultations with the clinic expert. These customized meetings allow you to clarify your needs and provide a specific solution to one of your challenges, regardless of the size of your company (Nutritional Facts Clinic, Bar Code Clinic, etc.).

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Support for grants

Our grant coaching service is designed to help you identify the grants available for your business and maximize your chances of obtaining those grants. As a member, you will have the guidance of a dedicated team that will help you understand your needs and guide you in identifying the most appropriate grants for your business.

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